Our Team

Sudhir Ispahani - President

One of the world’s leading thinkers on the development and implementation of communication technologies who has been at the forefront of the commercial launching of digital broadband technologies in over 18 countries in Europe, North American and Latin America. He has also played a key role in the evolution of telecommunications and media technology standards in the United States and Europe. Sudhir retired as CTO of a Fortune 500 technology and media company.

Valerie Osler - Managing Director (Americas & Asia Pacific)

As an avid global business and luxury traveller and the former technology director for a large European Broadband firm, Valerie recognises that a pleasurable travel experience is based on effective planning and organisation of a comprehensive all inclusive travel itinerary. Having worked extensively in the internet sector she realises that online travel capabilities can enhance value for a travel consumer.

John Mouawad - Strategic IT Director (Sydney, Australia)

John’s extensive experience in developing IT applications, including hosting and creating large complex networks helps propel Signature Travel into the next generation of sophisticated automated systems. This process will further enhance our clients dreams of travel in the future.